The Practice Directions prescribe the forms to be used for ADGM Courts. Parties and their legal representatives must refer to the relevant Practice Direction when seeking to lodge any particular document with ADGM Courts. Parties must not use any form or template other than those prescribed by ADGM Courts below.

Forms should be submitted via the ADGM eCourts Platform. Please click here to register.

Click here to view ADGM Courts Form Fees Reference Table which sets out the fees applicable to each form.

 Court of First Instance 
 CFI 1: Claim Form   Download CFI 1
 CFI 2: Claim Form (Small Claims)   Download CFI 2
 CFI 3: Claim Form (Rule 30 Procedure)   Download CFI 3
 CFI 4: Claim Form (Judicial Review)   Download CFI 4
 CFI 5: Claim Form (Arbitration - Enforcement)   Download CFI 5
 CFI 6: Claim Form (Derivative Claims)   Download CFI 6
 CFI 7: Acknowledgment of Service   Download CFI 7
 CFI 8: Defence   Download CFI 8
 CFI 9: Counterclaim   Download CFI 9
 CFI 10: Reply   Download CFI 10
 CFI 11: Case Summary (Small Claims)   Download CFI 11
 CFI 12: Application Notice   Download CFI 12
 CFI 12A: Application Notice (Pre-Claim Interim Remedy)   Download CFI 12A
 CFI 13: Redfern Schedule   Download CFI 13
 CFI 14: Affidavit   Download CFI 14
 CFI 15: Witness Statement   Download CFI 15
 CFI 16: Application for Witness Summons   Download CFI 16
 CFI 17: Notice of intention to rely on or call certain evidence   Download CFI 17
 CFI 18: Notice of Discontinuance   Download CFI 18
 CFI 19: Notice of Appeal to Civil Division of Court of First Instance (Small Claims)   Download CFI 19
 CFI 20: Response to Notice of Appeal to Civil Division of Court of First Instance (Small Claims)   Download CFI 20
 CFI 21: Part 18 Offer   Download CFI 21
 CFI 22: Consent Orders   Download CFI 22
 CFI 23: Notice of Appearance   Download CFI 23
 CFI 24: Application for certified copy of Judgment   Download CFI 24
 CFI 25: Enforcement Application   Download CFI 25
 CFI 26: Application for evidence for Courts of other Convention States   Download CFI 26
 CFI 27: Claim Form (Application for registration of foreign court's judgment)   Download CFI 27
 CFI 28: Claim Form (Arbitration Claims - Rule 30 Procedure)   Download CFI 28
 CFI 29: Claim Form (Application for registration and enforcement of Judgment of the UAE)   Download CFI 29
 CFI 30: Application for deputisation of Judgment of ADGM Courts   Download CFI 30
 CFI 31: Certificate of Service   Download CFI 31
 CFI 32: Notice to Defendant (outside ADGM and Abu Dhabi)   Download CFI 32
 CFI 33: Notice of Change of Representation   Download CFI 33
 CFI 34: Request for time to pay   Download CFI 34
 CFI 35: Application for access to court records   Download CFI 35
 CFI 36: General Form   Download CFI 36
 CFI 37: Draft Order   Download CFI 37
 Court of Appeal 
 COA 1 - Application to the Court of Appeal for Permission to Appeal   Download COA 1
 COA 2 - Argument in Support of Application for Permission to AppealFirstInstance(Small)small   Download COA 2
 COA 3 - Argument in Response to Application for Permission to Appeal   Download COA 3
 COA 4 - Argument in Reply in Application for Permission to Appeal   Download COA 4
 COA 5 - Application to the Court of Appeal for Permission to Cross-Appeal   Download COA 5
 COA 6 - Notice of Appeal   Download COA 6
 COA 7 - Acknowledgement of Service (Appeal to Court of Appeal)   Download COA 7
 COA 8 - Notice of Contention   Download COA 8
 COA 9 - Application Notice (Court of Appeal)   Download COA 9
 COA 10 - Part 18 Offer   Download COA 10
 COSTS 1 - Bill of Costs   Download COSTS 1
 COSTS 2 - Notice of Dispute (Costs)   Download COSTS 2
 COSTS 3 - Notice of Dissatisfaction (Costs)   Download COSTS 3
 COSTS 4 - Application for Review (Costs)   Download COSTS 4
 COSTS 5 - Notice of Objection (Costs)   Download COSTS 5
 COSTS 6 - Application for default costs certificateFirstInstance(Small)smallsmallsmallsmallsmi   Download COSTS 6
 COSTS 7 - Costs Management Form   Download COSTS 7