ADGM Courts will be providing parties with access to a comprehensive range of electronic services to ensure that all business before ADGM Courts is managed quickly, efficiently and economically.

ADGM Courts are committed to an approach that will enable almost all business before the Courts, including Judge managed case management hearings, pre-trial applications and trials, to be conducted via "eservices".  We believe this approach will ensure maximum flexibility to manage cases according to the needs of the parties and the nature of the dispute. 

ADGM Courts’ eservices will include:

  • efiling capability for all documents, with access to a payment gateway for any fee generated filings
  • electronic case management and communication between parties and ADGM Courts, also allowing lawyers to track their cases, and
  • etrials, with access to electronic bundles of documents, audio visual remote connections, real time transcript and research capability, all of which can be scaled to the size and the nature of particular cases

ADGM Courts’ services will be phased into operation during 2017. This will allow users’ needs and experiences to be reflected in the design. Pending implementation of ADGM Court’s efiling system, all filings should be directed to the email address of the Registry, adgmcourtsregistry@adgm.com.

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