The fees set out below are for the services provided by ADGM Courts’ Notary Public and are payable to Abu Dhabi Judicial Department at the time of notarisation. The fees are set pursuant to Law No. (13) of 2017 Concerning the Judicial Fees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

 Document/Instrument   Notarisation Fees
 Of a value of AED 50,000 and less   AED 500
 Of a value exceeding AED 50,000 and up to AED   200,000   AED 1,000
 Of a value exceeding AED 200,000   AED 0.5% of the instrument value, with   maximum of AED 20,000
 Of unspecified value   AED 500
 Power of Attorney (PoA)   AED 100 for each year of the PoA, with a   maximum of AED 1000
 Revocation of a power of attorney   AED 100
 Verification of document dates   AED 300