Approved Persons & Changes in Status

Last Updated: 21 October, 2015 | First Published: 21 October, 2015

An 'approved person' is an individual whom we approve to perform one or more key management / control functions for an authorised firm under section 43 of the FSMR. This person has to know and meet FSRA's regulatory requirements, as well as understand how they are applied.

They must:

  • meet the requirements of FSRA's 'fit and proper' test and follow its principles
  • comply with the Statements of Principle and Code of Practice (these explain the behaviour we expect of people we approve)
  • report anything that could affect their ongoing suitability to us and the authorised firm 

FSRA will assess individuals who demonstrate the criteria of being fit and proper to perform the controlled function(s) that they apply for. The Guidance and Policy Manual sets out the FSRA's approach to considering such applications.