Change in Regulated Activities / Business Scope

Last Updated: 21 October, 2015 | First Published: 21 October, 2015

If an AGDM authorised firm seeks to start a new line of business, or add a new product or client type to its business line, it should review if there is a need to apply to the FSRA to:

  • add new regulated activities; or
  • amend its scope of regulated activities.

The firm can only commence its requested activities upon approval by FRSA. Otherwise, it will be a breach of FSRA rules. 


An authorised firm applying to change the scope of its Financial Services Permission, or to have a condition or restriction varied or withdrawn, must provide the FSRA with written details of the proposed changes.


Please note that your firm's financial category, the financial resource requirement and reporting requirements may change to reflect the new permission scope.