ADGM Sustainable Finance Commitment

As an award-winning international financial centre, ADGM aims to develop a vibrant and thriving sustainable finance hub that supports capital formation, raising and deployment as well as the creation and issuance of products to achieve positive economic, social and environmental objectives.

ADGM is closely aligned to UAE initiatives, supporting Abu Dhabi, the UAE and our global stakeholders in achieving SDGs and established climate change objectives.  With an internationally recognised regulatory regime, direct application of English common law and proximity to some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors and private wealth, ADGM is well placed to develop a sustainable finance ecosystem catering to the needs of local and international investors.

To create a vibrant sustainable finance hub, we are working on four pillars as follows:

  • Integration of sustainability into the regulatory framework of ADGM
  • Building cooperation with national and international stakeholders
  • Fostering communication, knowledge and awareness
  • Creation of a sustainable finance ecosystem in ADGM

For details, please click on “ADGM SUSTAINABLE FINANCE AGENDA”


Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration

In presence of H.H. Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Crown Prince Court and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration (the Declaration) was signed by 25 public and private sector entities at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF) on 16 January as an united front to foster positive economic, social and environmental impacts and advocate sustainable finance and investments for the long-term well-being and growth of the country’s economy. The Central Bank of the UAE, the Securities and Commodities Authority and ADGM will play a facilitative role in working with the members to boost investment flows and support the various agreed provisions. For the list of members of the declaration, please click on “Press Release”.

For details, please click on “SUSTAINABLE FINANCE DECLARATION”.