ADGM's new commercial licence for Tech Start-ups allows entrepreneurs to obtain an operational licence in ADGM at a highly competitive price, and gain access to an outstanding community of businesses, professional advisors and financial services.

The commercial licence is available without requiring a permanent office space to offer flexibility and help early-stage businesses manage costs. In addition, holders of this license will be able to apply for ADGM government services, including Visas.

The license will also provide access to our Professional Services Support Program to support the growth and success of these businesses.



  • Technology-driven start-ups with the potential to scale
  • Tech Start-ups aligned with the UAE National Innovation Priority Sectors, click here to learn more about these sectors
  • Entrepreneurs from all nationalities


  • Full operational commercial licence
  • An option to obtain up to 4 employee visas
  • Companies can obtain a commercial license without a physical office space requirement
  • License is valid for 2 years, after which successful companies showing progress such as revenue and/or sufficient level of investments, can either:
    • Be converted to a traditional operational entity on normal license terms
    • Converted into a holding company
  • Highly competitive annual fee of $700


Tech Start Up 2


To register your Tech Start-up at ADGM, please follow the below steps:

  1. Send an email enquiry to
  2. The Registration Authority will review your request, if your enquiry qualifies,  the ADGM Registration Authority will send you a detailed toolkit and guidelines to draft a simple Business Plan. Click here to download the guidelines 
  3. Fill and submit a simple Business Plan 
  4. ADGM Registration Authority will review your Business Plan, once approved , you will be notified accordingly
  5. To complete your registration you are required to obtain an ADGM address through one of the below options:

6. Proceed with the Registration and Incorporation process as following:

• Go to and log in or create a new user account
• Go to Online Services > Companies> Registration of Reglab Participants> then scroll down to Incorporate a Private Company Limited by Shares as Reglab Participant
• Complete all forms and upload required documents
• Select Proceed to Payment, Cancel, Ok and then Pay Later
• Notify the Registration & Incorporation team that an application for Tech Start-up has been completed by sending an email to 
• Once you receive a confirmation, you may complete the payment online using your credit card



For enquiries on setting up your Tech Start-Up email us at


The ADGM Tech Start Up Licence is open for entrepreneures from all nationalities. The Lisence must appoint a signatory who resides in the UAE or has a UAE entry stamp on their passport.

Technology-driven startups with an innovative business concept that:
• has the potential to scale;
• promotes innovation, in terms of the business application and deployment;
• has current traction or is at least at the prototype stage;
• can be deployed in the UAE and contribute to the development of the local economy; and
• has a business plan with clearly defined milestones, against which progress can be monitored, are eligible to apply for the Licence

An initial term of 12 months which can be renewed for another 12 months.
At the end of the second year, it is envisaged that the company’s success will warrant the transition into an operating company. Alternatively, it can convert into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

No physical office space is required. A virtual office space provided by an ADGM registered service provider can be used. Office addresses can also be obtained through Business Centers such as Regus.




The Licence allows you to apply for up to 4 employee visas.

An establishment card (AED 1,030), e-channel account (AED 5,620 for two years) and visa fees (AED 3,260 per individual for two years) are payable.

In addition to renewing your License, the company must file certain documents with ADGM annually:

• Data Protection Declaration
• Annual Return (confirming the details regarding directors, shareholders etc are correct)
• Financial Statements (the level of disclosure and requirement for audit depends on the company’s revenue).