Work Permits

ADGM licenced entities must obtain on of the following work permits for all the individuals that they are employing as follows:

  1. ADGM Work Permits: all ADGM licensed entities must apply and obtain work permits for each individual working for their entity. Work permits can be requested through the online portal ACCESSADGM, and are issued electronically via the portal. If an individual holds a valid UAE residence visa facilitated by the ADGM Registration Authority, they are automatically provided with a work permit. If an entity us to employ an individual that is not holding a UAE residence visa facilitated by the ADGM Registration Authority (e.g. employee sponsored by their spouse or parent or is a UAE/GCC national), on a full time basis, they must apply for a work permit from the ADGM Registration Authority via ACCESSADGM.
  2. Temporary Work Permits: A temporary work permit is a permit issued by the Registration Authority to an individual working for an ADGM licenced entity who does not fall under the definition of an employee (as defined in the Regulations). These individuals are referred to as non-employees and include; secondees, outsourced individuals, interns and temporary freelancers and must obtain a permit prior to commencing their work. The Temporary Work Permit came into effect on the 13th May 2020 and allows non-employees to work on or from Al Maryah Island.

Categories of non-employees

  • Secondees: individuals temporarily engaged by an ADGM licenced entity, on a secondment basis, and have the right to work in the UAE but do not hold an employment visa facilitated by the ADGM Registration Authority.
  • Outsourced Individuals: individuals temporarily working in ADGM for one or more ADGM licenced entities under an outsourcing agreement and who have the right to work in the UAE but do not hold a visa facilitated by the ADGM Registration Authority.
  • Interns: students and/or trainees who work, with or without pay, in order to gain work experience with an ADGM licenced entities.
  • Temporary Freelancers: individuals, not being employees, who provide services in or from ADGM on a temporary basis, who are not under the exclusive direction and control of an ADGM licenced entity, and who hold a freelancer licence from a UAE free zone. 

Requirements Applicable to Temporary Work Permits

  1. All ADGM licenced entities must apply for a Temporary Work Permit for any individual to be temporarily engaged;
  2. Applicant of a Temporary Work Permit must have a valid UAE residence visa , is a UAE/GCC national or is a Golden Visa holder;
  3. Temporary Work Permits can be requested for a validity of 3, 6 or 12 months;
  4. Temporary Work Permits issued to secondees and interns have a maximum validity of 12 months, after which are not renewable.
  5. The ADGM Registrar may grant an exemption, on a case by case basis, in regards to the maximum validity of a Secondee’s Temporary Work Permit.
  6. Temporary Work Permits for outsourced individuals and temporary freelancers can be renewed without a maximum validity; and
  7. The engaged individual’s UAE residence visa must be valid for more than the requested Temporary Work Permit duration.

NOTE: However, ADGM has prepared support and relief measures to assist ADGM licensed Persons and the community through the COVID-19 pandemic period. Therefore, currently there is a 100% waiver on the issuance, renewal and late application fees for TWPs until 25 March 2021.

Issuance and renewal of Temporary Work Permits

The tables below set out the applicable fees for obtaining and renewing a Temporary Work Permit and late application fees and/or fines for a failure to obtain a Temporary Work Permit.

COVID-19 Update: ADGM support measure during COVID-19 include 100% waiver on the issuance, renewal and late application fees for Temporary Work Permits until 25 March 2021.

Category of Non-Employee 3 months 6 months 12 months
Secondee AED 150 AED 300 AED 600
Outsourced Individual AED 150 AED 300 AED 600
Intern AED 150 AED 300 AED 600
Temporary Freelancer AED 150 AED 300 AED 600

Late Application Fees

Category of Non-Employee 12 months
If filed within 1 week after the Non-Employee commences its engagement AED 250
If filed more than 1 week after the Non-Employee commences its engagement AED 500

In order to apply for a Temporary Work Permit, please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Login to ACCESSADGM Client Portal.

Step 2

Click on Government Services on the left side bar menu.

Step 3

Within the form select the Temporary Work Permit Type> complete all relevant employee details, click Agree, then save.

Step 4

Upload employee’s photo in the “Applicant Photo” section > Upload required documents in the “SR Documents” section then Submit and Pay.

To view and download your e-permits, please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Click on link sent to you in the Email Notification.

Step 2

The link will direct you to the Service Request page.

Step 3

Within the Service Request page, scroll down to the SR documents section.

Step 4

Click to View and Download the generated Temporary Work Permit for the relevant employee.

All individuals engaged by ADGM Licensed Persons are required to have a valid Temporary Work Permit by 13 May 2020. Failure to comply with the obligations set out in the Rules will result in enforcement action being taken against the ADGM Licensed Person.

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