Business Directory

In our continuous efforts to provide outstanding professional and support services at ADGM, the business directory has been compiled to help increase visibility for ADGM Professional Service Providers.

If you are a licensed business in ADGM and would like to connect with businesses and clients locally and internationally, click here to contact us for further information.

Accounting & Audit (29)

Architects & Interior Design (1)

Compliance & Risk Management (32)

Corporates & Administrative Services (44)

Education institutes (1)

Human Resources & Recruiting (11)

Industry & Professional Association (4)

Insolvency practitioners and Liquidators (4)

Legal Services (38)

Management Consulting (41)

Market Information News & Research (3)

PR & Marketing Services (2)

Recognized Auditors (17)

Security Consultancy & Services (2)

Software and IT Services (6)

Tax & Fiduciary Services (27)