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The Registration Authority is responsible for the registration, incorporation and licensing of legal entities in ADGM and supports with all government-related services. Providing a range of activities to facilitate market entry, growth and the emergence of a vibrant and sustainable business community, the Authority guides and supports companies through the application and set-up of ADGM-registered entities.

As one of the core pillars of ADGM, the Registrar's main functions under companies and commercial licensing regulations include registration of ADGM establishments; registration of business names and maintenance of register; registration of post-incorporation documentation; registration of changes in business name particulars; registration of changes in directors, officers, shareholders and share capital; enforcement of ADGM companies regulations, cancellation of commercial licences, prosecution and strike off; and dissolution or restoration of ADGM establishments.

Registration Authority services


The RA assesses complaints concerning potential contraventions of ADGM’s commercial legislation (that is the regulations and rules not concerning provision of financial services in ADGM). The RA also assesses complaints of potential misconduct by non-financial businesses registered in ADGM or any conduct or activities that may cause damage to the reputation of ADGM.
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Registration and Incorporation

After registering your business, you can take advantage of a number of registration and licensing services. Find out how you can benefit.
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All notices regarding registered entities issued by the RA can be viewed here.
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All circulars related to registered entities in ADGM can be viewed here.
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Visas and Government Services

The RA works closely with relevant government authorities and services to provide a simple, streamlined process, and one point of contact to guide you through the visa process.
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Operating in ADGM

Find out what you need to know to operate and grow your business in ADGM including ongoing obligations for all entities, additional obligations for financial entities and post registration services available to you.
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Changes to Registered Entity Information

The RA needs to be officially informed by ADGM registered entities of specific changes to entity information within a set period of time. Failure to do so will result in fines. Familiarise yourself with what constitutes a change.
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ACCESSADGM Client Services Portal

A highly efficient, comprehensive and integrated online portal, ACCESSADGM provides you with a wide range of services and features to facilitate your business requirements.
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Temporary Licences

Parties looking to set up promotional stands, kiosks or food carts on Al Maryah Island must file an application for a temporary licence.
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Registration of Real Property Interest

The Registration Authority is accepting applications for registration of all types of real property interests located within Al Maryah Island.
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Letters, Event and Photo Permits

RA issues all letters including NOC as well as events, photography and filming permits for activities on Al Maryah Island. Application is online through the ACCESSADGM portal.
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Office of Data Protection

Responsible for promoting data protection, maintaining the register of Data Controllers, enforcing the obligations upon Data Controllers and upholding the rights of individuals.
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Employment Affairs Office

Responsible for overseeing the operations of the Employment Regulations in respect to providing guidance, stakeholder liaison and ensuring best practice on employment matters.
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Monitoring and Enforcement

The RA aims to uphold the integrity of ADGM as a leading financial center by preventing unlawful and improper conduct through effective surveillance and enforcement of ADGM’s commercial regulations and rules.
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Laws, regulations and rules

A sound regulatory framework of clear and transparent rules, benchmarked against international standards and global best practices

Federal Legislation

The Federal Legislation, including the UAE Constitution, established ADGM as a financial free zone.
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Abu Dhabi Legislation

All governance, legislative, and regulatory framework and activities to be carried on in ADGM is set out by Abu Dhabi Law No. 4 of 2013.
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Commercial Regulations and Rules

ADGM published its first set of rules and regulations on 3rd March 2015. It was enacted by the board of directors and serves as the guiding force for our services.
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Guidance, templates and forms

The RA issues guidance, templates and forms on certain aspects of ADGM's commercial legislation with the intention to communicate and explain processes, regulations and more.
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RA Public Consultations

ADGM informs public and market place plans, and unveils comments on proposed initiatives and rules amendments through public consultations.
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Notices of Publication

ADGM Authorities have and will continue to issue relevant notices and circulars to explain changes and updates to stakeholders.
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"Our fully digitised platform, with its robust and supportive on-boarding service ensures a hassle-free transition for companies and their employees who want to set up in ADGM. This is also part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a valuable client experience for ADGM clients and partners as an International Financial Centre. 

No matter the size or nature of your business, we will help and support you as you consider your options through to maintaining your business on Al Maryah Island."

Dhaher Bin Dhaher
CEO, Registration Authority

Ensuring a business-friendly and recognised platform

The Registration Authority is focused on bolstering ADGM's local and cross-border activity through strategic partnerships, to offer entities and entrepreneurs a robust, innovative, business-friendly and global ecosystem.
Memoranda of Understanding
The RA is signatory to more than 22 bilateral MoUs with local and foreign government bodies and International Financial Centres.
Memberships and Associations
The RA's memberships include the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) in which ADGM is the first member from the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC); and the International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC).
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Business Directory

Find details of ADGM service providers who chose to have their details included in the Business Directory. For a full list of ADGM registered entities, SEE THE PUBLIC REGISTRY.

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